(Solved) : Compute Expected Production Next Quarter Department S77 Southeastern Oklahoma State Unive Q45820621 . . .

S7.7 and S7.8
.. Compute the expected production for next quarter for each department S7.7 Southeastern Oklahoma State Universitys busines.. Compute the expected production for next quarter for each department S7.7 Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s business program has the facilities and faculty to handle an enrollment of 2,000 new students per semester. However, in an effort to limit class sizes to a “reasonable” level (under 200, generally), Southeastern’s dean, Holly Lutze, placed a ceiling on enrollment of 1,500 new students. Although there was ample demand for business courses last semester, conflicting schedules allowed only 1,450 new students to take business courses. What are the utilization and efficiency of this system? … 57.8 Under ideal conditions, a service bay at a Fast Lube can serve 6 cars per hour. The effective capacity and efficiency of a Fast Lube service bay are known to be 5.5 and 0.880, respectively. What is the minimum number of service bays Fast Lube needs to achieve an anticipated servicing of 200 cars per 8-hour day? Problems S7.9-S7.15 relate to Bottleneck Analysis and = WE P. Pc w MacRool. D.

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(Solved) : Correctly Identified Reasonable List Ksas Relevant Described Needs Project Scenario B Ide Q45231462 . . .

1. Begin by reading the following scenario. Recently Shady Deals (a tree removal and replacement service), having no past his

a. Correctly identified a reasonable list of KSAs that arerelevant to the described needs of the project/scenario

b. identify/define one (1) measurable goal for establishing theeffectiveness of the training design (a training effectivenessgoal). Note: Your sentence should start something like “Theeffectiveness of the delivered training will be demonstratedby …”

1. Begin by reading the following scenario. Recently Shady Deals (a tree removal and replacement service), having no past history of sexual harassment incidences, took a proactive stance and revised the company policy regarding sexual harassment in the workplace (a copy can be found at the end of this document-refer to Appendix A). At the suggestion of their legal consultant, the management team also decided to take an additional step and document that every employee (246) has been made aware of the new sexual harassment policy. To ensure their goal is achieved, and that there will continue to be no incidences of sexual harassment Management has mandated that every employee (excluding the management team) must participate in a 1-hour Say No to Sexual Harassment training program. The newly revised policy has dictated a completely different process, different for both the employee and the employee’s supervisor and/or manager, regarding how to respond to complaints of sexual harassment, and it is Management’s expectation that upon completion of the training all employees will understand the policy and the associated procedures and consequences. You are the company’s go-to-person for training, and all the information in the preceding two paragraphs was conveyed to you in a written memo from the company’s owner/CEO/ president To get a better sense of the policy awareness gap’among employees you have conducted a simple needs assessment and have recognized that the majority of employees you surveyed do not know what constitutes harassment’ and have a misperception of what sexual harassment encompasses. You have a pretty good idea of both the training needs and constraints, and have drafted a solution on how to best deliver the training, which means you are ready to proceed with a content analysis. But before you begin you need to clarify (on paper in your own words) a) what the purpose of the training project is, b) the desired outcome, or measurable success goal of this training project is;d what you believe the targeted KSAs should be; and d) most importantly, what your measurable training effectiveness goal will be.

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(Solved) : Create Plan Electric Company Outlining Number Plants Built Year Associated Costs Provide Q45938715 . . .

. Create a plan for this electric company outlining thenumber of plants to be built each year and the associated costs.Provide explanations.

A regional electric power company is planning a large investmentin nuclear power plants over the next few years. A total of eightnuclear power plants must be built over the next six years becauseof both increasing demand in the region and the energy crisis,which has forced the closing of certain of their antiquated fossilfuel plants. Suppose that, for a first approximation, we assumethat demand for electric power in the region is known withcertainty and that we must satisfy the minimum levels of cumulativedemand indicated in Table 1. The demand here has been convertedinto equivalent numbers of nuclear power plants required by the endof each year. Due to the extremely adverse public reaction andsubsequent difficulties with the public utilities commission, thepower company has decided at least to meet this minimum-demandschedule. The building of nuclear power plants takes approximatelyone year. In addition to a cost directly associated with theconstruction of a plant, there is a common cost of $1.5 millionincurred when any plants are constructed in any year, independentof the number of plants constructed. This common cost results fromcontract preparation and certification of the impact statement forthe Environmental Protection Agency. In any given year, at mostthree plants can be constructed. The cost of construction per plantis given in Table 1 for each year in the planning horizon. Thesecosts are currently increasing due to the elimination of aninvestment tax credit designed to speed investment in nuclearpower. However, new technology should be available by 1984, whichwill tend to bring the costs down, even given the elimination ofthe investment tax credit.

Table 1: Demand and cost per plant ($ x1000)


Cumulative demand

(in number of plants)

Cost per plant

($ x 1000)

1981 1 5400
1982 2 5600
1983 4 5800
1984 6 5700
1985 7 5500
1986 8 5200

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(Solved) : Cost Machinist Waiting Line S 2 Cost Machinist Waiting Line S 3 Value Customer S Time Sav Q46057875 . . .

. Cost of a machinist waiting in line (S-2): • Cost of a machinist waiting in line (S=3) • Value of customers time saved . CStudents arrive at the cafeteria at the average rate of 24 per hour. Students orders take on average 4 minutes to be process
This is how my teacher wants the question answered, can anyonehelp?. Cost of a machinist waiting in line (S-2): • Cost of a machinist waiting in line (S=3) • Value of customer’s time saved . Cost of an additional service worker . Cost reduction by adding another worker Students arrive at the cafeteria at the average rate of 24 per hour. Students’ orders take on average 4 minutes to be processed. The cafeteria is staffed by two workers. Assume Poisson arrival and exponential service time situation. The cafeteria opens 12 hours per day. If each student’s waiting cost is $6 per hour and hiring cost to hire another worker is $20 per hour (the same service rate), should another worker be hired?

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(Solved) : Decision Refers Premeditated Selection Resulting Personal Action B Conscious Choice Amon Q45924484 . . .

A. decision refers to
A. a premeditated selection resulting in a personal action.
B. a conscious choice among a set of alternatives that creates theleast amount of risk.
C. a conscious choice from among two or more alternatives.
D. a subconscious selection of the alternative most consistent withone’s personal beliefs.
E. an unconscious choice selected from a subset of positivealternatives.

When Marine Midland Bank sent market researchers with surveysdoor-to-door in the neighborhoods surrounding its branch banks toask people with savings accounts why they did not also havechecking accounts and credit cards with Marine Midland, they weregathering __________ data.
A. intercept
B. secondary
C. questionnaire
D. observational
E. probability

Which of the following statements regarding market segmentationis most accurate?
A. Even if a firm finds only one potential market segment, itshould take advantage of the target market, no matter what.
B. Market segmentation only works for large corporations becausesmall businesses don’t have the resources to engage in the processor implement the resulting marketing actions.
C. Governments should not attempt market segmentation because thereis no need for them to do so.
D. If a business firm goes to the effort and expense of segmentingits markets, it expects to increase its sales and profits.
E. Market segmentation strategies work less than 25% of the time.However, for the instances that it does work, the benefits morethan compensate for previous failures.

Which of the following is NOT a reason to segment amarket?
A. Segmentation allows for greater satisfaction amongcustomers.
B. It could cause an increase in market share or profit.
C. All the buyers in the entire market have similar wants andneeds.
D. There are potential marketing actions to reach thesegments.
E. There are different wants and needs of buyers in the entiremarket.

If a company decides to direct its marketing efforts toward theheaviest users of their products, they are using____________________ segmentation

A. usage rate
B. demographic
C. geographic
D. psychographic
E. product

Benefits sought (such as gas mileage, luxury or safety for cars)would be examples of __________ segmentation.
A. behavioral
B. demographic
C. geographic
D. psychographic
E. product

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(Solved) : Describe Details Key Elements Ea Components Artifacts B Newly Hired Principal Architect Q45735478 . . .

(a). Describe in details the key elements of EA components andartifacts

   (b). As the newly hiredprincipal architect of Leroy Group, describe how you would explainthe enterprise link to strategy, business, and technology to thesenior management in order to   solicit their support andbuy-in in implementing an enterprise-level Oracle database thatwould give the organization a competitive edge while achievingefficient and cost-effective productivity.

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(Solved) : Describe Overtime Requirements Stipulations Flsa B Salary Test Recent Legislation Address Q46232607 . . .

a. Describe the overtime requirements andstipulations under FLSA.

b. What is the salary test and what recentlegislation addresses this concerning exempt and non-exemptstatus?

c. To what extent can workers work duringbreaks and lunch time without being paid?

d. Identify two reasons why an employermight appeal an unemployment compensation charge.

e. What is the meaning of the “course ofemployment” requirement in worker’s compensation?

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