June 6, 2020
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(Solved) : 1 Friendly Sausage Factory Fsf Produce Hot Dogs Rate 5 500 Per Day Fsf Supplies Hot Dogs Q46009647 . . .

. 1. The Friendly Sausage Factory (FSF) can produce hot dogs ata rate of 5,500 per day. FSF supplies hot dogs to local restaurantsat a steady rate of 260 per day. The cost to prepare the equipmentfor producing hot dogs is $66. Annual holding costs are 46 centsper hot dog. The factory operates 296 days a year.

a. Find the optimal run size. (Do notround intermediate calculations. Round your answer to the nearestwhole number.)

Optimal run size__________________

b. Find the number of runs per year.(Round your answer to the nearest wholenumber.)

Number of runs ____________________   

c. Find the length (in days) of a run.(Round your answer to the nearest wholenumber.)

Run length (in days) _____________________

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